American Liberation Farmers vs. Forces Of Evil (Episode 1 “Out Of Bounds!”)

It was going to be one of those missions. An eighteen hour day, followed by four hours sleep. It was just passed midnight. But, I was up, I was awake, I was ready for action….I was ready for a bong hit!

Four hours later, I took the two and a half foot Indica plant, that had been stripped for transport and put it in my backpack. I slipped out the door, and headed in the opposite direction. As with any combat mission, I was in uniform, a black t-shirt with an upside down marijuana leaf patch on one arm and a harvesters hatchet patch on the other. Another American Liberation Farmer in action.

The drop off was 8000 ft away. At 4:15 am the only others out were cops, crooks, and cats.

I had just stepped onto the first lane of a four lane highway, then coming from out of nowhere, a patrol car. I was on an oblique angle, straight into their path. I kept going, the car passes within 15 feet as I cross through the grassy highway median.

The car gets to the intersection, some 50 foot away. Then makes a u-turn, coming back and passing by me a second time. The car keeps going, as I watch, I realize the car is blue! That’s Woodway Police, I’m walking in Waco, those boys were….Out Of Bounds!

American Liberation Farmer transporting an Indica plant.

This continuing monologue is copyright 2010
by the ChristianMarijuanaOrganization.ORG
and Cat Springs.