Liberals (Fascist In Disguise)

Once again the (so called) LIBERALS have proven they are just FASCIST IN DISQUISE. If someone is a liberal, they shouldn’t care what someone else thinks, does, or says (as long as there is no physical harm or destruction).

But if you do not follow liberals zombie-lemming style, they will attack you verbally, financially, and physically.

George Carlin said that “when fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts….”, he was so right!

So I need to coin a new word, one that represents true liberalism. An “I Don’t Care (about your views, actions, or words…so don’t try to shove them down my throat).” type of word.

Now, if you will excuse me….I’m going to Chick-fil-A!

All for now….
Cat Springs

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