A Call To Arms

Isn’t it interesting, that every time the forces of evil want to suppress the rights of people (rights that go far beyond the US constitution), the “news” fills with acts of evil that prove the forces of evil current agenda. Could it be that the forces of evil want to suppress weapons, because they fear an American Spring?

Want to put an end to mentally unstable people with guns in schools?
Want to stop school bullies?
Want to stop the spread of disease?
Want to cut the cost of a child’s education?
Want standardized education?

Now is the time for a 21st century INTERNET SCHOOL SYSTEM!

Keep the children (safe at) ┬áhome….where they belong ( Not in the hands of the brainwashing CATHO-SATANIC’s).

This continuing monologue is copyright 2010
by the ChristianMarijuanaOrganization.ORG
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