That’s So Gay

Well it seems that the LIBERALS think that they can dictate what men and women think, do, or say in America. Yet, they can think, do, or say as they please. The LIBERAL in this case is WANDA SYKES, who is a well known RACIST in Hollywood, Califorina.

She is saying that it is wrong to say “that’s so gay”, yet continually uses the RACIST term “white boy”. She is not talking about a “12 year old ALBINO male”.


She is in fact making a RACIST remark about “caucasians”, who have ruddy complexion (which means “having a healthy reddish colour”).


But until everyone has EQUAL RIGHTS and not just SPECIAL RIGHTS. Humans like that will continue to prove they are just FASCIST IN DISQUISE.

And the real RACIST as well!

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