Feds Step Up Enforcement Against State Marijuana Rights.

Blatant criminal activity! Tell the American people there is no medical use for marijuana, then patent the marketable elements! (So that their pharmaceutical co-conspirators can make trillion’s of dollars and the New World Order and their Narco-terrorist police force can TERRORIZE, Men, Women, and HUMANS.)

Really want to help America, President Trump? Stop China from dumping Ephedra on America. Ephedra may be used as a precursor in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine. Just because a few people have the sniffles, America shouldn’t have to suffer a Meth pandemic!
[UPDATE: Germany is the main importer to the US, Angela Dorothea Merkel is an NWO lackey.]

“GOD gave man every herb bearing seed….”

I don’t need permission from SATAN, the NEW WORLD ORDER, the Catho-satanic’s, or ANY HUMAN INSURGENT in the US or any GOVERNMENT!

This empowerment is by virtue ( My GOD, Jesus the Christ) AND the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993’’ H. R. 1308 , enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress.

And the American Marijuana Company just smiles….

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