Easter Fools!

Religious scholars say that “the Catholics allowed the Pagans to keep their goddess Ä’ostre”, to join their church. They did this because the Pagans often paid their tithes in gold. And isn’t that what the Catholic church is all about?

(I say that about EVERYTHING the Catholic church DOES, that the word of GOD says NOT TO DO!)

Bible Christians believe that April 17 30 A.D. (Friday), as possibly the date of the crucifixion of Jesus. Making the resurrection April 19 30 A.D. (Sunday) [Considering the Jewish idiom by which a “day and night” may refer to any part of a 24-hour period.]

The date of his death does not change from year to year, it is always April 17.

The date of his resurrection April 19 30 A.D., is the ONLY resurrection SUNDAY. The 17-19, Friday-Sunday dataset seldom appears on the calendar.

Easter is not mentioned in the Bible for a reason, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CRUCIFIXION AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS THE CHRIST.

Easter is part of the “Catholic Deception”. Everyone who is celebrating Easter is giving patronage to the Pagan goddess.

The Bible Christians

Year Two Of The First Seven Years.

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