Niggar, Niggar, Niggar.

Ja’han Jones (HuffPost)[Fascist], “equipped with a tremendous amount of social capital that can imperil racial progress without deep consideration of his actions”. Denouces racist term with racist term. “Bill Maher Is A Dangerous White Man”.

Ice Cube (Performer)[Fascist], ‘That’s our word’. NO ONE OWNS WORDS! But Ice Cube has a dog’s view, he thinks if he pisses on it, he owns it. He also uses the racist term “white people”, but thinks that’s ok.

Bill Maher (Performer)[Atheist], He’s a moron, he pulled a Kathy Griffin (Performer)[Atheist]. I’ve never thought either one was funny.

[White Man? Where are these white men they keep talking about? I’ve met one ALBINO in the 60 plus cities I’ve lived in.]

[Have you ever noticed, most “BLACK” people are “BROWN”, and most “BROWN” people are “TAN”?]

Stephen Stills w/Jimi Hendrix – “White Nigger” (1970)

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