The Further Adventures Of Cat Springs On Planet Earth.

Multiple growing locations means you have a lot more physical work, backpacking set-outs, water. Too many locations and all will suffer. Too few locations and your friends will only get a ½ oz for Christmas (the real one [during the Feast of Tabernacles], not the merchant one). Multiple locations can also give you multiple varieties, for those who like the blended high. With multiple locations, you can use one for a pollen farm. I know most people use clones, but I believe pollen holds a great promise for future cannabis genus. Especially with the Cannabis Ruderalis subspecies, it has great potential for breeding! In a way I hope the “Overgrow The Government” movement makes a big increase in the quanity of marijuana grown, even though that would mean I would have to do my pollen project in a grow room. A very large increase in the quanity of marijuana grown in the United States, may even bankrupt the Narco-terrorist and their American New World Order political allies. If the DEA wanted to stop major cocaine traffic, they would arrest the CIA. “Being connected means never having to say you’re sorry.”

And as always:

America should be free, Marijuana should be free.

If your state says it will legalize marijuana with taxation, JUST SAY NO!

No taxation for growing for personal use.

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I’m peddling as fast as I can!

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