NEW WORLD ORDER ~ The Census Incident (1)

For years I ignored the census, mostly because I was a homeless veteran. But this decade is different. Why, because the NWO socio-fascist have used the mechanism of the census to further their racist agenda. The intent of the census is to get an accurate count of the population so the treasury can divide the money, among the people. They DO NOT need to know what race you are to do this. Number of PEOPLE / Amount of MONEY, that’s like 3rd grade math, right? So, why do they need those numbers?

Number of RACE / XXXX of XXXX, could it be a population control device? Are these numbers, the logistics for the third world war? Before most wars, two things happen. High population numbers and financial collapse. Both of which are controlled by the same basic people. People that men and women have allowed to control their lives, even though, time after time they are cheated, and told lies. These people, incapable of sustaining a large population with a high standard of living, often thin out the general population with war or genocide.

So this year when I got the census form, I went online and got an error from a bad link on their website. I wanted to tell them, I no longer use the USPS, or Pony Express. But if they can’t even run a website, how can they count all the people?
Now several days have passed and someone knocked on the door for a while then went away. When I went outside, I saw the note from the census taker. I wish there was a way to tell them I don’t answer my door, but I don’t have a cell phone to call them.

And why isn’t there a place on the form for those who appeared in the Caucasus mountains, those who have NO NAME.

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